Analyze and strengthen your communication network.






Effective communication is transparent, open, and inclusive – it underlies the other three dimensions of governance.

In this photo, a rehearsal dinner family event, you can see how a comfortable atmosphere fosters good communication between family members.


Introduction to upcoming book: Of Hula Hoops and Hats

If you have picked up this book, more than likely you already dwell in the world of a family business, a family office, or some other aspect of a family legacy. What is your story? Where have you come from? Who were the entrepreneurs of your business and the forefathers of your family? How can you keep their legacy going?

Dr. Lamp Honored as Fellow for Family Firm Institute

Leading Global Family Enterprise Membership Association Awards Distinguished Certificate to Charlotte E. Lamp, Ph.D

Dr. Lamp Receives Family Firm Institute (FFI) Certificate

Charlotte E. Lamp, PhD has been awarded the FFI GEN (Global Educational Network) Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA) by the Family Firm Institute.