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Good governance is provided through documents which give the business family definition (identity), direction (where are we going?) and discipline (how do we get there?). These documents make up the family charter, just as the business has its Bylaws. Which of the following do you have? Which do you need? Which need updating? We will guide you through the process!

A suggested list of family governance documents:

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□   Family Values Statement

□   Family Mission Statement

□   Definition of Family

□   Family Vision Statement

□   Family Vision for the Company

□   Strategic Plan or Road Map


□   Family Employment Policy

□   Family Director Policy

□   Redemption Policy

□   Dividend Policy

□   Transfer Policy

□   Philanthropy Policy

□   Owners’ Rights and Responsibilities

□   Family Council Committee Structure

□   Communication Protocols

□   Annual Meeting Attendance Policy

□   Pre-nuptial Agreements

□   Estate Planning Guidelines

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