PRINCIPAL: Charlotte Lamp, PhD


Dr. Charlotte Lamp is a captivating educator who holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies focused on family governance.

Charlotte is a third-generation business family member and shareholder of her family’s business. Presently, she serves on the family council as governance coordinator. In the past she also served as chair of the education committee.  Dr. Lamp sits on the editorial advisory board for Family Business Magazine and has authored several articles for the magazine. She has delivered practical and enthusiastically received family governance presentations at various international family business conferences. Dr. Lamp mentors business families in their pursuit of family governance and supports business advisers working with family businesses.

Dr. Charlotte E. Lamp of Rockwood Consulting, LLC is a recognized Fellow of the Family Firm Institute, with the additional designation of ACFBA – Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising. FFI Fellow status signifies that Dr. Lamp has completed an advanced program of study as part of the Family Firm Institute’s Global Education Network. The certificate is presented to individuals who have achieved comprehensive professional knowledge and gained significant expertise that can be used as value to family business owners and family wealth clients. This distinction further ensures that the highest standards in professional best practices will be implemented.  Read more about this achievement here.

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