Analyze and strengthen your communication network.






Effective communication is transparent, open, and inclusive – it underlies the other three dimensions of governance.

In this photo, a rehearsal dinner family event, you can see how a comfortable atmosphere fosters good communication between family members.

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Introduction to upcoming book: Of Hula Hoops and Hats

If you have picked up this book, more than likely you already dwell in the world of a family business, a family office, or some other aspect of a family legacy. What is your story? Where have you come from? Who were the entrepreneurs of your business and the forefathers of your family? How can you keep their legacy going?

Charlotte E. Lamp, of Rockwood Consulting, received the FFI | Gen Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising 2016

Dr. Lamp Honored as Fellow for Family Firm Institute

Leading Global Family Enterprise Membership Association Awards Distinguished Certificate to Charlotte E. Lamp, Ph.D

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Dr. Lamp Receives Family Firm Institute (FFI) Certificate

Charlotte E. Lamp, PhD has been awarded the FFI GEN (Global Educational Network) Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA) by the Family Firm Institute.


Ownership & Management: Defining the Roles

Scenario: A Challenge to Legacy Paul Sr., a true entrepreneur, spotted a need in the marketplace for a well-made wicket. Little did he envision the wild success of his enterprise.  With this success Paul Sr. realized he could provide employment for his offspring and...

Family Sparklers: Engaging the Next Generation

Picture yourself on the Fourth of July as a child “back when,” holding an unlit sparkler with great anticipation. Once lit, the sparks flew everywhere and all too quickly died out. That is, they died out... ...until you figured out that you could keep the sparks...

Case for Family Governance

So what IS family governance?  First, governance, in general, is the steering mechanism of an organization. Its goal is to provide what I call a clear 3-D vision:  the three objectives on which governance should focus: Definition: Creating and encouraging a suitable...


Our expert advice will help you develop the various documents to guide the interactions between the family, the owners, and the business.



"Positive family interaction leads to greater cohesion” Zabriske and McCormick.  Let us support your annual or semi-annual business meetings with fun-filled family gatherings, and employee and board interactions.

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With a deep background in education and curriculum development, we offer advice for developing a family education program. We also provide hands-on workshops for all members of the business family from 5 to 99.



Transparent, open communication through clearly defined protocols links the family, the ownership, and the business together. We are here to help you analyze and strengthen your communication network.