Create a heritage that goes on through generations.






Through fun-filled educational activities, family members can learn about their legacy, about one another, and about the family business. Education should not end with the family but also include introducing the business employees and board members to the family.

Case for Family Governance

So what IS family governance?  First, governance, in general, is the steering mechanism of an organization. Its goal is to provide what I call a clear 3-D vision:  the three objectives on which governance should focus: Definition: Creating and encouraging a suitable...


Our expert advice will help you develop the various documents to guide the interactions between the family, the owners, and the business.



"Positive family interaction leads to greater cohesion” Zabriske and McCormick.  Let us support your annual or semi-annual business meetings with fun-filled family gatherings, and employee and board interactions.

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With a deep background in education and curriculum development, we offer advice for developing a family education program. We also provide hands-on workshops for all members of the business family from 5 to 99.



Transparent, open communication through clearly defined protocols links the family, the ownership, and the business together. We are here to help you analyze and strengthen your communication network.